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With almost 20 years as a full time tabla teacher, Mike Lukshis has deep experience in guiding students through all stages of their training. He has worked with all ages including introducing toddlers to rhythm and helping the elderly realize their life-long wish to make music. In addition to passing on the ancient art form of Indian classical percussion to people of the South Asian diaspora, Mike has shared this living tradition with many people who are not of South Asian descent.

His easy demeanor balanced wth precise attention to detail makes Mike a cherished teacher for all of his students as well as their parents or family members. Mike has honed a highly accessible way of teaching this very complex art form.

Teaching people of all ages and backgrounds about the secrets of rhythm and the joys of Indian classical percussion has made Mike Lukshis a valuable link in the continued appreciation of the generations-old tradition of tabla.

About Taalim

Taalim school of Indian Music is a premiere institute of South Asian performing arts and education guided by Indian music maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil. With more than 20 years of history building a community that spans the entire United States, performing all over North America, and teaching thousands of students of all ages, Taalim has helped to weave the Indian classical tradition into this land.

Specializing in both Tabla percussion and Kathak dancing, Taalim offers weekly classes with expert faculty, a variety of stage productions by world class performers, as well as master classes and workshops on topics ranging from rhythm training to spirituality. Regardless of your musical background or experience, Taalim school of Indian Music can provide you with the highest quality experience in pursuing your aspirations.
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